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Learn more about who we are and why we love what we do.

Why Element16 Media?

Empowering technology, youthful passion, unbeatable prices

At Element16 Media, we love what we do and we're committed to developing communities and local businesses. For that reason, we aim to keep our prices low for a professional quality service.

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Our experience in the field paired with our certification from Apple and Google Play means you're in capable hands.

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Throughout the project, we pride ourselves on communication. Feel free to ask any questions you may have today!

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On-time Delivery

We work to realistic deadlines and if these cannot be met then we will let you know immediately and accommodate as necessary.

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Built for life

All products built at Element16 are built to last so will be updated and maintained after the project has been completed.

Meet the Founders

From meeting when they were just 11 years old, Ben Wiser and Vignesh Sudarsan had previously worked on projects and brainstorming ideas came naturally. However, in the spring of 2021, the company Element16 Media was formed with the intention to create technology coupled with intuitive design that would strengthen communities as well as benefit local businesses.

Since forming, the business has moved from strength to strength by expanding the variety of services offered through the company as well as working on a plethora of intriguing and engaging projects.

Whilst the company has grown and developed since its launch, the core values at the heart of it have remained the same - strive to overcome challenges with an open mindset whilst loving what you do.

From mobile application development to video animations, there are a wide variety of services available through Element16 Media, so why not contact us today to see how we can help with your next exciting project!

Co-Owner John Doe

Benjamin Wiser

I am Ben Wiser and I am one of the co-founders at Element16 Media. When working with our services, I tend to focus on the development and backend services - whether this is in mobile applications, creating animations or coding live graphics systems. One of my main principles is determination - if you truly believe you can achieve it, then you can do it - the only thing that's not usually mentioned is the work required to get there.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Vignesh Sudarsan

My name is Vignesh or and I am the other co-founder at Element16 Media. For projects, I take the lead with the design aspects. At Element16, we try to maintain the highest of standards in all the projects we do and the community aspect of the business is one of the areas I love the most. The sense of fulfilment and achievement obtained by helping small businesses and local communities is truly unparalleled.


Our Partners

The following companies have been essential to our success since founding the company. Without their respective support and advice, the company would not be in the position it is in today, therefore we would like to take the following opportunity to thank them and we encourage you to find out more about their services and how they could benefit your business.


A live, HTML graphics system that enables the Live Game Centre functionality in our sports mobile applications. Singular allowed the use of their software for our purposes and have given the company exposure in the past.

AFC Telford United

Giving the company free reign to develop a bespoke mobile application for the first ever project, support constantly provided in terms of user experience and feedback, allowing Element16 to tailor our services to be as professional as possible.

Event Cup Solutions

Providing financial support to allow the company to explore projects for beneficial causes where the budget has been unsustainable for the purposes. ECS helping to eliminate single-use plastic from events across the UK.



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