Since the release of  'AFC Telford United - The App' on the 9th of July, there have been small changes that have been mentioned to the developers, Ben Wiser and Vignesh Sudarsan. For that reason, a new update of the app has been rolled out across Apple and Android devices to iron out bugs and add new and exciting features to the existing plethora of functions that the app provides to its users.
We will start this release by firstly briefly outlining the changes in the newest version of this app, developed exclusively by Element16 Media. From here, we will explain each change and the reasoning behind it to give you a greater understanding of our thoughts and stages in this ongoing developmental process.
Briefly, the changes in the update (version 1.0.2), are as follows:
- Added 'seconds' part to the countdown on homepage hero image
This was to give a greater amount of detail into the amount of time until the next fixture. From a UX point-of-view, this also makes the hero image on the home page a little more interactive, with the user able to see the constantly changing countdown digits.
- Fixed typing error in the 'Privacy Policy' section of the 'About' page
The word 'about' was used instead of 'out'. This was a very small mistake that was made originally whilst adding content to the app.
- Made the 'Tickets' section more mobile-friendly by adding iFrame functionality
This uses iFrame HTML frames to make this section of the app more user-friendly. Before, this was a simple website embed. However, this has been superseded by a responsive overlay displaying the required information in an easier and understandable way. Furthermore, this added stability to the app as less information was required to be sent over the internet as iFrame technology was used.
- Redesigned the UI of the 'Latest' tab on the homepage
This was a major change conducted primarily by the lead designer, Vignesh Sudarsan, and the idea behind this was to incorporate a clean and consistent design that would bring together not just the elements of the homepage, but the app design as a whole. For example, the use of subtle borders, modest drop shadows around listed elements and the use of constant rounded corners where possible.
- Added the 'Match Gallery' feature
This was an initiative to bring in images from photographers at matchdays. We believe that the high-quality images produced by talented photographers at the club should be showcased in the app. Not only this, but we thought it would be fitting to be placed on the primary tab of the homepage. This also gives fans a valuable insight to match & pitch quality as well as providing an idea about what to expect should they arrive for a matchday.

Users will need to manually check for updates on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store should they find that the app has not automatically updated itself. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank supporters for their continued support and feedback - both positive and constructive - about the products Element16 Media has produced, it really helps to tailor content towards the market.

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